Graphic Novel – DC Bombshells Volume 1


Serving as a companion piece to DC’s line of collectible “Bombshells” statues, this series reimagines several of the publisher’s heroines with a 1940s pinup aesthetic and launches them into the fray of early WWII. The retro result manages to avoid the huge potential for offense thanks to the lively story from Bennett (Angela: Queen of Hel). Amazon princess Wonder Woman, Atlantean queen Mera, Supergirl, Star-Girl, Zatanna, and others appear in what amounts to a “gathering of the team” opening arc, and it’s pretty entertaining. The story opens with lovely art by Marguerite Sauvage (Faith) that perfectly captures the vintage feel the series strives for; the remaining chapters intersperse Sauvage’s work with that of several other serviceable illustrators. This entertaining female-centric adventure comes out of the gate quite strong but loses some visual steam after the first chapter.

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